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Do: 2018 Reading Challenge (and end of 2017)

As it is now the start of 2018 I wanted to reflect on my reading challenges of last year and set some new reading goals for next year. I made similar posts in 2016 and in 2017 so check those out if you are curious.   2017 I was not very adventurous with my reading challenges, my goals were to: Read 50 books I crushed this one. I read a.. Read More

Do: Making paper

When I graduated in January one of my gifts was a gift card to make my own paper at Papiermakerij De Hoop. Since I have been writing a lot more this year, my family thought it would be nice to not just create the words, but the actual material my words could be printed upon. So about a month ago I went to the ‘Papiermakerij’ to help create paper.  .. Read More

Do: Maastricht – Walking

The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived: the final part in my ‘Maastricht’ series! This one is about the wonderful nature walk we did near Maastricht in a town called ‘Schin op Geul’. This wonderful walk actually took place before our day at the Gulpener Brewery and after a night of approximately 2 hours of sleep and some handstands against the city hall of Maastricht at.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – Gulpener brewery

After writing about the city and bookstores in Maastricht, I thought I would continue the series with a post about our visit to the Gulpener brewery in Gulpen. My friends and I rented some bikes and cycled the 15 km to Gulpen where the brewery is located. On the way, we passed by the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial. It was a perfect halfway point, so I included some pictures.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – Bookstores

In continuation of my introductory post about Maastricht (read it here), I wanted to share some bookstores I visited. If there are any bookstores I missed or should visit, either in Maastricht or anywhere else, let me know in the comments below! Bookshop Dominicanen This one is probably the most known of the bookstores I visited. It is located in an old Dominican church. I have to be honest though,.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – The City

I haven’t done a non-reading post in a while and I thought I would switch it up with some posts about Maastricht. I got back a week ago from a short vacation there with a few of my friends from Delft. We rented a house via Airbnb near the Sint-Pietersberg. It was a 20-minute walk to the city center which was very doable. We did not do much, but we.. Read More

Do: 2017 Reading Challenge (and end of 2016)

Last year I made a post about the Reading Challenges I had planned to take in 2016. Since it is now the start of 2017 I thought it would be nice to reflect on those and set some new ones. 2016 My challenges were: Read 40 books I finished 60! A post about my faves will be up soon and check out my monthly reviews to see some of the.. Read More


Booktober Banner

As I wrote in my previous post, I want to get back to writing. So this is the start! A friend of mine, Lianne from her blog Lianne van Roekel, is doing the ‘Boektober’ challenge and I thought I would join. Boektober/Booktober is an idea from Dagmar Valerie who launched it to give people a little reading boost. So I thought I would join and see how far I will.. Read More

Do: 2016 Reading Challenge Update

At the start of 2016 I wrote about my some reading challenges I wanted to participate in (original post). With the end of the first quarter of 2016 approaching I thought I would share my progress! My challenges So to recap, the challenges I wanted to do were: Goodreads goal of 40 books total this year 2016 Classics Challenge (a new classic every month) The 2016 Mount TBR Reading Challenge.. Read More

Do: Fenix Food Factory

I love having coffee with friends, as you might have noticed by the many café posts on this blog. I also love food, so this week I wanted to share a restaurant, that is not really a restaurant, but you can eat there (which is the most important thing). The Fenix Food Factory The Fenix Food Factory is located in Katendrecht in the south of Rotterdam. It is an old.. Read More