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See: PAC Festival

Last weekend Lianne and I went to the 16th edition of the PAC (Pathe Alternative Cinema) festival of Pathe in Delft. The PAC festival is a day where the Pathe shows five movies that are yet to be released in the Netherlands. I thought it might be nice to give a short review of each of the movies we saw. Jackie The first movie we saw was ‘Jackie’ by Pablo Larraín with Natalie.. Read More

Book to Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I picked up “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” in 2014 in Donner when the second book (“Hollow City“) had just been released. I picked it up because it looked just too beautiful to leave behind. The book features obscure photographs the writer (Ransom Riggs) found in garage sales and other places. He found these photographs and let his imagination loose, creating characters based on the people (often children) in.. Read More

See: Luci d’Artista in Salerno

A lot of cities have light festivals during the darker months of November and December. However I have never seen one as beautiful as the light festival in Salerno. It is called ‘Luci d’Artista’ and it is displayed every year from November until January. It attracts people from all over Italy every year, and I completely understand why. Most streets in the old city center are filled with different kinds of.. Read More

See: The Raadhuis by Dudok

Last Friday I went to Hilversum to my very first conference on architecture. It was organized by the Dutch part of Docomomo, an organization for the documenting and conserving of modern monuments. After my exchange to Milan I have found that I am absolutely fascinated by modern architecture and especially its conservation and the many dilemmas that arise from wanting to preserving and/or restoring it. So when one of my teachers.. Read More

See: Keith Haring

After my first ‘Exhibition Central’ a little more than a month ago, I thought it was time for a new one! You can read the previous one here. Last weekend I visited the Kunsthal in Rotterdam to see the Keith Haring exhibit. There were also some other exhibits which were fun to walk through. The exhibit The Kunsthal brought together 120 works of Keith Haring from different international collections to.. Read More

See: The Airey Strip in Amsterdam-West

  This Venture into Architecture I thought I would tell some more about the graduation project I am doing. After two weeks of studying the projects I decided to choose the Airey strips in Amsterdam as my focus for the project. I will be studying the facades for adaptations and use the reasons behind these adaptation for my own design. The Airey Strip Airey is a way of systematic building.. Read More

See: ‘De Aanval’ in the Onderzeebootloods

Almost a year has passed since I started this blog and I have decided to add a categorie! I have recently received a Museum Jaarkaart (an annual pass for visiting musea) and this means (hopefully) that I will be going to a lot of musea. Not just to see the building, but also to see interesting exhibitions. This is why I wanted to add a new category focusing on interesting.. Read More

See: The Alfa Romeo museum

  Before returning to the Netherlands, there was one more place I visited near Milan: The Alfa Romeo museum. My boyfriend is a big fan and the museum was completely renovated and re-opened the 30th of June 2015. We had a lot of luck, because the day we went was also the last day that one of the show models of the new Giulia was in the museum. The museum The.. Read More

See: The pavilion of the United Kingdom

So after a general post on the Expo (here) and my post on the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates last week, this week I will talk about another great pavilion: The pavilion of the United Kingdom. It was designed by British artist Wolfgang Buttress. The theme of the pavilion is ‘Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland’. The main feature of the pavilion is the 17 metre high ‘bee hive’.. Read More

See: The pavilion of the United Arab Emirates

Last week I wrote a general post about going to the Expo, this week (and next week) I wanted to go into more detail about my two favorite pavilions. The one from the United Arab Emirates, designed by Norman Foster and the one from the United Kingdom, designed by Wolfgang Buttress. This week I want to talk about the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates. First a little tip in case you.. Read More