The adventures of a bookworm


Everything about the things I’ve seen or plan to see ranging from movies to museum exhibits.

See: Museo del Novecento

I really like going to musea, especially when I am one of the few people there. There is something about the quietness, the big empty spaces (except for the art and occasional chair/bench) and the vibe of being there to admire stuff. I am not […]

See: Fondazione Prada

Last weekend I went to Fondazione Prada in Milan. It is a very recent addition to the Milan scenery, having only opened on the 9th of May this year. The Fondazione Prada is an institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture and the new building […]

See: Verona

I actually went to Verona a while ago (before Turin and Rome), but Verona is also worth a visit and here are some things to see/do! Verona is really easy to reach with the train from Milan and it costs about 24 euros for a […]

See: Must-see buildings in Turin

After last weeks musings about whether you should or shouldn’t go on an exchange (read it here), I thought I would share some of the buildings I have visited in Turin when my father visited me three weeks ago (one other pro of going on […]

See: Rome

Being in Milan makes it a lot easier to visit other cities in Italy. So when one of my friends said she wanted to go to Rome and knew an organization from the University that had planned a trip, I was in! We went the […]

See: Hangar Bicocca

If you are ever in Milan and you have a little extra time or you want to visit a different kind of art centre than the musea in the centre of Milan, than Hangar Bicocca should be at the top of your list. (It is […]

See: The Duomo

This weekend my boyfriend came to visit me in Milan. It was beautiful weather (all sun, no clouds) so we decided to climb the Duomo. The view of the Duomo is amazing and I would recommend climbing it to anyone. Currently they are renovating part […]

See: Castello Sforzesco

This week I am writing about the first museum I have visited in Milan, since I arrived at the start of March. I went to Castello Sforzesco which houses multiple museums, known as the “Sforza Castle Museums”. You buy a ticket at the ticket office […]

See: The ‘new’ Old Luxor

Last week I went to the IFFR (as you may have read here). One of the movies was shown in the ‘Oude Luxor’ (the old luxor). The Oude Luxor is a theatre located in the centre of Rotterdam, which also has a ‘new’ brother at […]

See: The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2015

Every year Rotterdam hosts an international film festival called ‘IFFR’. Last year I went to my first ever movie on this two week long festival, because the movie was named ‘Suzanne’. It was a very slow, but beautiful movie and I enjoyed the vibe of […]