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Thoughts: Looking back at 2017 and forward to 2018

Time is starting to go so fast and so within a blink the end of 2017 has come and it is time to reflect on another year and look forward to 2018. Let’s reflect Looking back at my post about 2016 I can really say that 2017 has continued the upward spiral in my life. I graduated in January, got a job at a company I love in February and.. Read More

Thoughts: My best nine (Instagram)

I have been instagramming for a while now, running two accounts. My personal one @justplainsuus and my bookstagram one @justplainbooks. There is a thing you can do which looks at your ‘best nine‘ posts of the year (the ones with the most likes) and I thought it might be nice to share them! @justplainsuus To start with: my personal instagram. I really liked seeing this picture, it captures a lot.. Read More

Thoughts: #BBBookstagram challenge

I finished a bookstagram challenge! For those of you who are unaware; I started a seperate instagram account for bookish pictures called ‘Just Plain Books‘. Ever since I started I have wanted to try and finish a challenge. The ‘challenge’ is to post a picture a day inspired by the themes suggested by the instigator of the challenge. In this case I joined the #BBBookstagram challenge by Blossom Books, a Dutch.. Read More

Thoughts: 25 bookish things I learned

Birthday time! I have turned 25 (the horror, the shock, etc.) and since there is a trend on the #internet to share X number of things you’ve learned (x equals your age) I thought I would join in! Here are 25 things I’ve learned, book themed obviously. Some are tips for younger me. Some are just reminders to myself. 1 Did you know you can walk and read at the.. Read More

Thoughts: Looking back on 2016

It is that time of year again, time to reflect on the past year and perhaps set some resolutions for the new year. Instead of creating two different posts like I have done previous years, I decided to combine them into one this year. Let’s reflect So first let’s reflect on the past year. I started 2016 at a low point, but with a non-fiction-could-definitely-be-defined-as-self-help book. I decided to write.. Read More

I will be back – soon

Long time no see. I haven’t been blogging for a while, because of reasons (which I have never found very valid, but which have gotten in the way regardless) and I have been missing it. I miss writing and I forgot why I started: to challenge myself to at least try. So this post is here to say: I will be back. I am thankfully still reading (Big Magic is currently being devoured and.. Read More

Thoughts: All by myself (cue Céline Dion)

Sometimes I want to write about random stuff, not about books or things to do, but just about things I think about. That is why I created the ‘Thoughts’ category, for when I want to ramble about things people might relate to. Or perhaps not, but for the one person who does relate, feel free to comment below! So this week I wanted to write about going out alone. Say.. Read More

Thoughts: Q & A

I thought in between all the posts about books and reading challenges I thought I would post a little update in the form of a Q&A. So hopefully you can find some A’s to your Q’s regarding my blogging lately and if you have some Q’s of your own please feel free to ask them in the comments below! So what’s up? I have been working on my graduation project… Read More

Thoughts: New Years Resolutions 2016

Last week there was no post, my first missed one since I started. I am sorry if you came to the blog expecting a post! The same goes for yesterday, but I felt that today was a better day to post my New Years Resolutions, since it is the last day of 2015. As you might have read in my ‘Looking Back’ post (find it here) 2015 was quite the.. Read More

Thoughts: Looking back on 2015

So it is not yet the end of the year, but 2016 sure is coming soon. Last year I did a similar post, reflecting on 2014 and I wanted to do the same this year to see what I’ve experienced, learned and how I have changed over the year. Let’s reflect! I remembered that I had also made a list of Resolutions and looking back on them, I only failed.. Read More