The adventures of a bookworm


Thoughts: Q & A

I thought in between all the posts about books and reading challenges I thought I would post a little update in the form of a Q&A. So hopefully you can find some A’s to your Q’s regarding my blogging lately and if you have some […]

Thoughts: New Years Resolutions 2016

Thoughts: New Years Resolutions 2016

Last week there was no post, my first missed one since I started. I am sorry if you came to the blog expecting a post! The same goes for yesterday, but I felt that today was a better day to post my New Years Resolutions, […]

Thoughts: Looking back on 2015

So it is not yet the end of the year, but 2016 sure is coming soon. Last year I did a similar post, reflecting on 2014 and I wanted to do the same this year to see what I’ve experienced, learned and how I have […]

Thoughts: Recategorizing the blog

Thoughts: Recategorizing the blog

You may have noticed that there is something a little bit different in the blog this week. I have decided, after much consideration, to change my categories. I found that my categories were limiting me in the posts I wanted to write. Therefor I have […]

Thoughts: The Capsule Wardrobe

I first heard about the idea of a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ from Anna (from Vivianna does make-up). I had started clearing out my wardrobe because I had read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Mari Kondo and let me tell you, that book is truly life-changing! […]

Thoughts: The schoolyear I hope will be my last

And we’re back: It has been the 1st of September, also known as the first day of the college year in Delft. For me it also meant the first day of my graduation year. I am both extremely excited and slightly scared by the idea […]

Thoughts: Being Erasmus abroad

I am back in the Netherlands. After 5 months of studying (and a little bit of traveling) in Milan I am back in the Netherlands and it is great! I almost feel like I never left, which is really weird since it has been almost […]

Thoughts: Vacation

I am afraid that there won’t be a very long post todat, instead here are some pictures of the lovely Lago di Garda!  Tip: staying at camping Toscalano is great! Awesome, clean and cosy camping with two swimming pools and access to the beach. It […]

Thoughts: Dealing with stress

I love my comfort-zone. It is one of the things I have noticed even more now that I am in Milan, constantly away from my comfort-zone. A temporary room will never really feel like home and being in new situations each day can be very […]

Thoughts: Why you should (or shouldn’t) go on an exchange

So this week is a bit of a life-update kind of post. I have been in Milan now for 2,5 months and time really does fly by when you are having fun (or when you are just doing a lot of things). So I thought […]