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See: Hamburg – The Energy Bunker

Like I wrote in the last Venture into Architecture I went on an excursion to Hamburg in the weekend of the 7th of november organized by my faculty student union Stylos. We visited Hafencity, the building site of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and on Sunday we […]

Read: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

What’s the book about? “Me, Earl and the Dying girl” is about a boy named Greg Gaines (the ‘me’ in the title) who is starting his senior year and has managed to stay under everyone’s radar by being friendly with all the cliques. This might […]

Do: Kek

One of the beautiful fall days in the past weeks, me and my friends went for a drink at a local cafe called ‘Kek’. Besides being a cafe with organic food, good coffee and teas, it also sells all the furniture (similar to Stroop). Besides their furniture […]

See: Hamburg – HCU

This weekend I went on an excursion organized by my faculty student union Stylos. They had organized a weekendtrip to Hamburg. On Saturday we visited Hafencity, where we got a tour through the building of the Hafencity Universität and a bike tour through Hafencity. In […]

Do: Workshop jewelry

Last week I went to a jewelry workshop by Lazuli, a beads and jewelry store in the center of Delft. I went with my boyfriends mother as a (late) birthday gift and I thought it would be nice to show you what we did!   […]

Read: The Paper Magician trilogy

People who I have shared my favorite books with, know I absolutely loved The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. So when the people from the Bored to Death Bookclub were looking for someone to read the recently released “The Paper Magician” I figured would be […]

See: Dutch Design Week 2014

This weekend I went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, just in time for a new “Going places“! The Dutch Design Week is a 9-day event in which Design in all its facets is at the centre. Unfortunately we were only there for one […]

Do: The knitting project

Something different So this week I wanted to write about something I am currently working on in my spare time. It is a knitting project inspired by a Sinterklaas gift/surprise I received. The girl who gave me the gift had made her own thread by spool […]

See: The ‘Markthal’

I have been thinking how I could incorporate my Architecture studies into this blog. I have tried in the beginning to introduce you to the subjects I am taking this semester at the TU Delft, but I feel it is a bit boring to keep […]

Do: Stroop

Do: Stroop

Last week I shared a book review with you. I will be writing a new review about something (probably books) every month as a returning segment called ‘The Review‘. This week I want to introduce another recurring item: ‘Going places‘.  Introducing: Stroop Stroop is a […]