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Read: September

Here we are, yet again, at the start of a new month. Fall has really begun and to get in the proper mood for the final three months of the year, I am listening to the soundtrack of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone’. In case you didn’t know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love listening to the audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry and September has been.. Read More

Review: All the Bright Places (*****)

It has been a while since my last book review. I thought I would get back at it with a book I really enjoyed: ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven. It has been described as a mix between ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green meets ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell, which are two of my favorite YA novels. The Plot ‘All the Bright Places’ tells the.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – Gulpener brewery

After writing about the city and bookstores in Maastricht, I thought I would continue the series with a post about our visit to the Gulpener brewery in Gulpen. My friends and I rented some bikes and cycled the 15 km to Gulpen where the brewery is located. On the way, we passed by the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial. It was a perfect halfway point, so I included some pictures.. Read More

Read: August

As you might have noticed I fell off the proverbial blogging wagon midway through August. However, I am once again back and hopefully a little more consistent this time. After my Instagram post last Saturday, here are the books I’ve read in August. As always they have been given a rating X out of 5 and a short review. August ‘Dood van een thrillerschrijfster’ by Pauline Slot *** Generally, it.. Read More

Thoughts: #BBBookstagram challenge

I finished a bookstagram challenge! For those of you who are unaware; I started a seperate instagram account for bookish pictures called ‘Just Plain Books‘. Ever since I started I have wanted to try and finish a challenge. The ‘challenge’ is to post a picture a day inspired by the themes suggested by the instigator of the challenge. In this case I joined the #BBBookstagram challenge by Blossom Books, a Dutch.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – Bookstores

In continuation of my introductory post about Maastricht (read it here), I wanted to share some bookstores I visited. If there are any bookstores I missed or should visit, either in Maastricht or anywhere else, let me know in the comments below! Bookshop Dominicanen This one is probably the most known of the bookstores I visited. It is located in an old Dominican church. I have to be honest though,.. Read More

Thoughts: 25 bookish things I learned

Birthday time! I have turned 25 (the horror, the shock, etc.) and since there is a trend on the #internet to share X number of things you’ve learned (x equals your age) I thought I would join in! Here are 25 things I’ve learned, book themed obviously. Some are tips for younger me. Some are just reminders to myself. 1 Did you know you can walk and read at the.. Read More

Do: Maastricht – The City

I haven’t done a non-reading post in a while and I thought I would switch it up with some posts about Maastricht. I got back a week ago from a short vacation there with a few of my friends from Delft. We rented a house via Airbnb near the Sint-Pietersberg. It was a 20-minute walk to the city center which was very doable. We did not do much, but we.. Read More

Read: July

Oh my, how time flies.. I managed to read quite a lot, but blog not so much.. Shame on me. I will try to be better this month, but I feel like I need to start experimenting a little bit with what I want my blog to be. Anyway, that is not what this post is about! Let’s look at the books I’ve read in July. Here are the books.. Read More

Read: June

Last month I did a big post with the books I read in the previous 4 months. So, this month I can just share the books of one month. Happy days! In my previous post I wrote I was 5 books behind on schedule and I am pleased to say I am now back on track. I would also like to refer to the 5 book goal of last month’s.. Read More