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Read: Non-Fiction pt. 2 – Books about people

A little later than I had originally planned, but here is the second part of my favorite non-fiction books I read in 2016! You can find the first part here, it is about self-help books. This post will be about my faves in the category ‘books about people’ which are usually written by the author about their own life. What I like about the books I’ve picked is the humor.. Read More

Favorites: 2016

I know, I know it is the last day of January and I am only now sharing my faves of 2016. A little late for sure, but I have a couple of posts in the backlog and I am trying to get back on track. So here goes a final favorites of 2016: For the year overview, I thought I would give you a top 10 of the movies and.. Read More

Favorites: December

What a year, what a year. Before I share my faves of the year, I wanted to do my faves of December. I already shared the books I read this month in a previous post, so here are my non-book favorites for December. Movie: I tried to get to 100 movies this year and so I tried to do a bit of a catch-up in the last month. In the.. Read More

Do: 2017 Reading Challenge (and end of 2016)

Last year I made a post about the Reading Challenges I had planned to take in 2016. Since it is now the start of 2017 I thought it would be nice to reflect on those and set some new ones. 2016 My challenges were: Read 40 books I finished 60! A post about my faves will be up soon and check out my monthly reviews to see some of the.. Read More

Read: December

I don’t want to brag, but I am going to anyway and say I KILLED it in December on the reading front. I looked at my Goodreads reading challenge (40 books) and I noticed that I was not very far away from 60. So I gathered all the thin books I could find on my to-be-read shelve and read them. This resulted in me finishing 11 books in December, putting.. Read More

Thoughts: Looking back on 2016

It is that time of year again, time to reflect on the past year and perhaps set some resolutions for the new year. Instead of creating two different posts like I have done previous years, I decided to combine them into one this year. Let’s reflect So first let’s reflect on the past year. I started 2016 at a low point, but with a non-fiction-could-definitely-be-defined-as-self-help book. I decided to write.. Read More

Read: Non-Fiction pt. 1: Self-Help books

2016 is not over yet, but so far I managed to go far beyond my reading goal for this year. Before I get into the books I have read over the past year and my favorites of the year, I wanted to discuss a new genre I have really gotten into this past year: Non-Fiction. Obviously, I have read a lot of ‘non-fiction’ books for my studies, but I mean.. Read More

Read: November

For November I had high hopes of reading a lot, unfortunately, unlike last month I did not manage to read as much as I had hoped. However a few days into December I am back on track, so next month this post will be a bit longer again! November I thought I would not just list the books, but also let you know the amount of stars I gave it.. Read More

Favorites: November

I can not believe it is already November. I am pretty sure everybody is feeling this way, but 2016 went by so fast. Just one more month until it is December. Next week I will be sharing the books I have been reading this month, but until then here are my non-book-favorites for November. Movie: If you see two movies this year, they have to be Hell or High Water.. Read More

Review: Vinegar Girl // The Taming of the Shrew

As you may or may not know by now I love book clubs. I started going to the ‘Bored to Death Book Club’ over a year ago and then decided to start my own book club in Delft with two friends (it’s called the Undercover Book Club). Since then I don’t go to the BtD book club as much as I used to, but when I saw that they were.. Read More