Movie marathons

Movie marathons

Besides reading 40 books this year, I also┬áchallenged myself to watch 100 movies. I love watching movies and I definitely love going to the cinema (although the couch can also be very comfortable). There is something about going to a cinema and seeing nothing but 

The ‘new’ Old Luxor

Last week I went to the IFFR (as you may have read here). One of the movies was shown in the ‘Oude Luxor’ (the old luxor). The Oude Luxor is a theatre located in the centre of Rotterdam, which also has a ‘new’ brother at 

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2015

Every year Rotterdam hosts an international film festival called ‘IFFR’. Last year I went to my first ever movie on this two week long festival, because the movie was named ‘Suzanne’. It was a very slow, but beautiful movie and I enjoyed the vibe of