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See: PAC Festival

Last weekend Lianne and I went to the 16th edition of the PAC (Pathe Alternative Cinema) festival of Pathe in Delft. The PAC festival is a day where the Pathe shows five movies that are yet to be released in the Netherlands. I thought it might be nice to give a short review of each of the movies we saw. Jackie The first movie we saw was ‘Jackie’ by Pablo Larraín with Natalie.. Read More

Favorites: January

January was great, I finally graduated! However, this did mean I had no time to read or do much besides work on my graduation work. So as my first favorite I would like to share one of my favorite images of my project: this A0 poster of a 1:15 scale section of my design I drew in Autocad (I would like to stress that, yes, I did draw every. single… Read More

Favorites: 2016

I know, I know it is the last day of January and I am only now sharing my faves of 2016. A little late for sure, but I have a couple of posts in the backlog and I am trying to get back on track. So here goes a final favorites of 2016: For the year overview, I thought I would give you a top 10 of the movies and.. Read More

Favorites: December

What a year, what a year. Before I share my faves of the year, I wanted to do my faves of December. I already shared the books I read this month in a previous post, so here are my non-book favorites for December. Movie: I tried to get to 100 movies this year and so I tried to do a bit of a catch-up in the last month. In the.. Read More

Favorites: November

I can not believe it is already November. I am pretty sure everybody is feeling this way, but 2016 went by so fast. Just one more month until it is December. Next week I will be sharing the books I have been reading this month, but until then here are my non-book-favorites for November. Movie: If you see two movies this year, they have to be Hell or High Water.. Read More

Favorites: October

Favorites: October Another month, another favorites. Last month I did a ‘quick’ catch-up of the summer months, so this one has the potential to be a little shorter since it will cover only October. I left books out of this post since I did an overview of what I read in last weeks post. Movie: To start the month of right I went to the PAC festival with Lianne. I.. Read More

Book to Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I picked up “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” in 2014 in Donner when the second book (“Hollow City“) had just been released. I picked it up because it looked just too beautiful to leave behind. The book features obscure photographs the writer (Ransom Riggs) found in garage sales and other places. He found these photographs and let his imagination loose, creating characters based on the people (often children) in.. Read More

Favorites: July – August – September

If you look at my blog posts the last favorites I wrote was way back in June and it is now already October. I really enjoy making these favorites and I want to continue writing them. Therefore this post is a little catch-up of the past three months so next month can be a ‘normal’ one-month favorites. Movie: I had expected to watch more movies these past three months. As.. Read More

Favorites: June

I totally failed in posting a review last month, so sorry. Fortunately it is now vacation! Which means I still probably won’t have time to write more, but I will try! From what I have been seeing/listening/reading in the month June I highly recommend the following: Movie: I saw the movie High-Rise at the top of ‘De Trap’ in Rotterdam. Besides the amazing view pictured above, the movie was also amazing… Read More

Favorites: May

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I could not let June pass without my faves from May. I will try to post a review somewhere this month as well, but we will see how that goes! From what I have been seeing/listening/reading in the month May I highly recommend the following: Movie: I did not see as many movies as I usually do and I blame it on watching.. Read More