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Favorites: January

January was great, I finally graduated! However, this did mean I had no time to read or do much besides work on my graduation work. So as my first favorite I would like to share one of my favorite images of my project: this A0 poster of a 1:15 scale section of my design I drew in Autocad (I would like to stress that, yes, I did draw every. single… Read More

Favorites: December

What a year, what a year. Before I share my faves of the year, I wanted to do my faves of December. I already shared the books I read this month in a previous post, so here are my non-book favorites for December. Movie: I tried to get to 100 movies this year and so I tried to do a bit of a catch-up in the last month. In the.. Read More

Favorites: November

I can not believe it is already November. I am pretty sure everybody is feeling this way, but 2016 went by so fast. Just one more month until it is December. Next week I will be sharing the books I have been reading this month, but until then here are my non-book-favorites for November. Movie: If you see two movies this year, they have to be Hell or High Water.. Read More

Favorites: October

Favorites: October Another month, another favorites. Last month I did a ‘quick’ catch-up of the summer months, so this one has the potential to be a little shorter since it will cover only October. I left books out of this post since I did an overview of what I read in last weeks post. Movie: To start the month of right I went to the PAC festival with Lianne. I.. Read More

Favorites: July – August – September

If you look at my blog posts the last favorites I wrote was way back in June and it is now already October. I really enjoy making these favorites and I want to continue writing them. Therefore this post is a little catch-up of the past three months so next month can be a ‘normal’ one-month favorites. Movie: I had expected to watch more movies these past three months. As.. Read More

Favorites: June

I totally failed in posting a review last month, so sorry. Fortunately it is now vacation! Which means I still probably won’t have time to write more, but I will try! From what I have been seeing/listening/reading in the month June I highly recommend the following: Movie: I saw the movie High-Rise at the top of ‘De Trap’ in Rotterdam. Besides the amazing view pictured above, the movie was also amazing… Read More

Favorites: May

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I could not let June pass without my faves from May. I will try to post a review somewhere this month as well, but we will see how that goes! From what I have been seeing/listening/reading in the month May I highly recommend the following: Movie: I did not see as many movies as I usually do and I blame it on watching.. Read More

Favorites: April 2016

New category time! Because you can’t be a blog without a ‘Favorites’ each month and since my Q&A of last month was a kind of favorites, I decided to make it official. So here are the things I have been loving (and have been highly recommending) in April: Movie: I have to be honest. I haven’t watched many new movies this past month. I have however rewatched both Princess Diaries, which.. Read More