2016 Reading Challenge Update

2016 Reading Challenge Update

At the start of 2016 I wrote about my some reading challenges I wanted to participate in (original post). With the end of the first quarter of 2016 approaching I thought I would share my progress!

My challenges

So to recap, the challenges I wanted to do were:


So for the first challenge, 40 books total, I am going great. According to Goodreads I am 3 books ahead of schedule, having read 11 books this year so far.

Unfortunately I have only read one classic, the Little Black Classic #77 – A Slip under the Microscope by H.G. Wells. I started Mansfield Park in February, but haven’t been able to finish it yet. I might read another Little Black Classic this month to at least have two classics done. I will also be reading Slaughterhouse-Five for the Undercover Book Club Classics, more information can be found here.

To be honest, of the 11 books I have read so far, only two were on my original TBR pile… And I may have accidentally on purpose bought some more books (I blame thebookdepository.org). So below you can see my previous TBR pile and the new TBR pile. I hope to keep up the reading, and still make a big dent in this pile!

Tbr pile January 2016
TBR January 2016
Tbr pile March 2016
TBR March 2016

The Pop Sugar challenge is going quite well, I have managed to cross of 10 types of books so far (out of 40).

I am quite happy with my progress so far. I think I will be focusing on my TBR pile the coming three months and will update you on the half way mark! (Hopefully with a smaller, instead of bigger, pile of TBR books). If you want to know which books I am currently reading, or the books on my TBR shelve, check out my Goodreads page: goodreads

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