The February ’18 Overview

The February ’18 Overview

In January I made quite the reading start for the year. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep up the high pace.

So what did I read last month? Read on and find out! As always they have been given a rating X out of 5 and a short review. If you click the title it will take you to the books’ Goodreads page.


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari ****

I DID IT, I finally finished this book after a solid year of struggling. It was really good though, just not ‘unputdownable’. ‘Sapiens’ gives a great, scientific analysis of the history of the world so far. However, Harari does not shy away from some nice passive aggressive comments on today’s culture. Even though it took me a long time to read, the language was not difficult and it is overall very accessibly written. Would highly recommend for anyone!

The Edible Womanby Margaret Atwood ***

I did not super enjoy this book. Atwood’s writing is great, but it wasn’t until the end that I felt like I was really getting something out of this book.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng ****

A wonderful book not so much about grief as it is about how children often carry the unresolved issues of their parents. It deals with immigration and feminism and racism and much more, although, as discussed in the book club, none of the subjects are really delved into. I did not like the ending much, but this book made me really excited for more of her writing.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ by J.K. Rowling *****

Review February

So four books this month, including one that has been on my ‘to finish’ list FOREVER. It wasn’t the 7 of last month, but it is enough to keep going towards my goal of 70 books.

Last months the plan was as follows:

– ‘The Edible Woman‘ by Margaret Atwood (Undercover Book Club)

– ‘Hag-seed‘ by Margaret Atwood

– ‘Everything I Never Told You‘ by Celeste Ng (Bored to Death Book Club)

– ‘Song of Solomon‘ by Toni Morrison (Undercover Book Club)

I almost made it, I finished two and on the 3th of March I finished ‘Song of Solomon’ (so close to February…). I am currently reading Hag-Seed so I think it is going acceptably well!


Let’s take a look at what I want to read in March.

  • Hag-Seed’ by Margaret Atwood (let’s finish this)
  • Grit’ by Angela Duckworth
  • The Angel Maker’ by Stefan Brijs (for my Undercover Book Club)
  • The Merchant of Venice’ by Shakespeare (in preparation for ‘Shylock is my Name’ another Hogarth retelling)

Will I manage to stick to the plan this time? Who knows…  What are you planning to read this month? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “The February ’18 Overview”

  • The Edible Woman was my introduction to Margaret Atwood many years ago. I am compelled to read her ever since. I will wait for your opinion on Hogg Wood. I gave up on Sapiens; far too deterministic, but I liked your note of his “passive aggression ” Nice blog…..

    • Thank you for the comment! I have finished Hagseed in the mean time and it is AMAZING. Would HIGHLY recommend (more info in a later blogpost)

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