The November ’16 Overview

The November ’16 Overview

For November I had high hopes of reading a lot, unfortunately, unlike last month I did not manage to read as much as I had hoped. However a few days into December I am back on track, so next month this post will be a bit longer again!


I thought I would not just list the books, but also let you know the amount of stars I gave it on Goodreads (X out of 5) and what I thought in a quick 1 or 2-sentence review.

This month I read (in finishing order):

Gooseberries’ by Anton Chekhov ***

The penultimate Penguin Little Black Classic I own. I thought the stories were nice, but they haven’t really stuck with me.

Mansfield Park’ by Jane Austen ****

I started reading Mansfield Park in February of 2015 and after a year and a half, I have finally finished. I really enjoyed Mansfield Park, it is really slow but I enjoyed reading about Fanny and her views of the people around her. Once I took the time to start I got sucked into the story really well and was intrigued to continue reading.


I have already finished two books as of writing this post (4th of December), but I will include them on the list anyway.

December is quite heavy on the non-fiction books, a genre I have really discovered this past year so I might do a book post dedicated to my favorites so far. What are you reading this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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