Review: Carry On

Review: Carry On

Almost a year ago I did a massive post about the books by Rainbow Rowell (here) where I did a batch review of her four books. I absolutely love her books and recommend them whenever possible (most recently to my little sister). Last year a new book came out and so  I felt it was appropriate to write a review about this on as well. It is a sort of continuation of her fourth book Fangirl, but not in a way you would think.


What’s the book about?

In Fangirl the main character writes fan fiction about a book series called ‘Simon Snow’, which has similarities to Harry Potter. In Fangirl everyone is awaiting the final book in the series and Cath (the main character) decided to write her own version of it. ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell is that book. It is about Simon Snow, his roommate and eternal enemy Baz and best friend Penelope who are in their final year at the magical school. However magic seems to be disappearing all over the United Kingdom. They have to find out how this is happening and hopefully put a stop to it.

What did I think of it?

I am a fan(girl). Rainbow Rowell has set herself the task to write the final book in a non-existing series, requiring the explanation of the entire magical realm in a book that is supposed to be a last book, so tying up loose ends. In no time I could imagine this realm and I had connected to the characters. She somehow manages to very subtly, in-between the lines, explain what is happening or what has happened without making it seem like a lecture. The story really gripped me and even after I had finished I wished there had been seven books before.

The only thing that bothered me was the ending, I did not find it completely satisfactory although parts of it were really well thought out.

Should you read it?

Well I loved it. If you are into magical realms and looking for a new one, if you like reading unusual love stories and if you liked her other books (especially fangirl in which there were small parts of fan fiction as well), then you should read it too.

Book: Carry On, Goodreads page

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

ISBN: 9781250049551

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