Movie marathons

Movie marathons

Besides reading 40 books this year, I also challenged myself to watch 100 movies. I love watching movies and I definitely love going to the cinema (although the couch can also be very comfortable). There is something about going to a cinema and seeing nothing but the film, since at home I am often tempted to check my phone while watching (horrible habit I know). So as it turns out the start of the year lent itself perfectly for watching movies in cinemas.

It started with Cinerama, a movie theater in Rotterdam, which celebrated a record number of visitors in 2015 with a movie marathon starring the best of last year and two previews. I was interested in the event and then Lianne (from asked me if I wanted to join her, which gave me the final push to really go. After checking the movies, we decided to go to Mad Max: Fury Road together and then she would go to Ex Machina and The Revenant (see her blog for the movie review) and I went to the preview of The Big Short. It was great! I really wanted to see Mad Max and it was great to see it in the cinema on the big screen instead of on a small tv. The Big Short was also an amazing film and Steve Carell really does an Oscar worthy performance, although instead of him Christian Bale was nominated.

After this great movie event, the next one is already coming up. The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 starts today and on Sunday CJP (an organization to promote culture and arts with young people) organizes their own day with a selection of the best of the IFFR. For only 19 euros (25 if your not a member) you can see three main movies, two shorts and there is beer and bitterballen afterwards. Last year I went to the Volkskrantdag (read it here) which had 4 movies, so also quite a long sit. However I am excited to see some (hopefully) great films again.

And to top it all of, I am going to the PAC festival of Pathe in february, where they show 5 films in a day. I don’t think I am going to see all of them, but we will see.

If you love going to the movies and discovering new films, then these type of days are perfect. You usually know a few titles, and the others can just surprise you. It is great to go to the movies with other people who love film as well, and on these days the whole cinema is filled with movielovers. If you are interested in the CJP day, the IFFR or the PAC festival I suggest google it and get a ticket! And maybe I will see you there.

PS If you have any suggestions for my watchlist, let me know in the comments!

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