2018 Reading Challenge (and end of 2017)

2018 Reading Challenge (and end of 2017)

As it is now the start of 2018 I wanted to reflect on my reading challenges of last year and set some new reading goals for next year. I made similar posts in 2016 and in 2017 so check those out if you are curious.



I was not very adventurous with my reading challenges, my goals were to:

Read 50 books

I crushed this one. I read a total of 66 books, 7 were the Harry Potter audiobooks but even if you were to not count those I still read 59! Next year I want to challenge myself and therefor my reading goals is set to 70 books.

2017 Classics Challenge

I totally forgot about this, but I was supposed to read at least one classic every month. However, let’s look back at the months anyway:


February: Wuthering Heights


April: The Handmaid’s Tale


June: Lord of the Flies, Midnight’s Children

July: One Hundred Years of Solitude


September: The Road

October: Hersenschimmen, Turks Fruit


December: 1984, The Tempest, The Fall of Icarus

I find it difficult to define books as ‘Classics’, but I picked the books I read for my ‘100 Essential Novels’ poster and some Dutch classics as well. Overall, I read more classics this year then last year. I think it is clear that some months I did not have the time or the mindset to read another classic though. However, I want to try to do this one again next year. Even if it will just be another reflection.

2017 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Ok so this challenge is about tackling your TBR (To Be Read) pile. I had 27 books at the start of the year, I now have 47. Oops. My mountain has grown from ‘Mount Blanc’ to ‘Mt. Ararat’.  It has increased due to me not reading the books on my shelve and just getting new ones from the library and also adding my ebooks to the pile. I don’t know how many books of the original 27 pile I have read, so for next year I am going to make a list to check. With an overall goal of 70 it should be possible to read these 47….



So to recap, in 2018 I will:

  • Read 70 books
  • Try to read at least one classic a month
  • Finish the 47 books on my ereader and shelves

What are your reading goals for next year? Are you also a TBR hoarder? Let me know in the comments below!


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