Undercover Book Club

Undercover Book Club

As mentioned in my New Years Resolutions I wanted to start a book club in Delft. And I did! But of course I didn’t do it alone. I had been talking about possibly starting one with two friends of mine and last week we finally had our trial version.

Why a book club?

I have been joining the Bored to Death book club in Rotterdam a couple of times last year and I love talking with other people about books. So when some friends mentioned that they were also interested in talking about books, but Rotterdam was too far away, we discussed starting our own book club right here in Delft. The Bored to Death book club only reads English books and, as you may have noticed by my blog, I also only read English books. Thankfully my friends agreed that it would be fun to do the Delft book club in English as well, to give foreign students the chance to join us too!

Undercover Book Club

The Undercover Book Club is open to anyone who likes reading. You don’t need to have anything super deep to say about the book, just saying you liked it or not is enough. If you want more information, like our Facebook page: here. On this Facebook page we also post all our events! So far we have a ‘regular’ book club, which meets once every month to discuss a new book and a ‘classics’ book club, where we will be reading a classic over a couple of months and meet every month or so to discuss a new part of the book.

If you have any questions, please contact our Facebook page or comment below and I will hopefully see you sometime at one of our Book Club meetings!

2 thoughts on “Undercover Book Club”

  • Hi,

    Just came across your book club! Sounds great!

    I hear that you have a ‘branch’ in Delft. Am very much interested.

    Could you tell me more please?

    Thank you,

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Natalie,

      I love that you think we are such a big organization that we have ‘branches’ hihi. We really only have the one in Delft! If you want more information, you can find the link to our Facebookgroup in the post or just search ‘Undercover Book Club’ on Facebook.

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