Workshop jewelry

Last week I went to a jewelry workshop by Lazuli, a beads and jewelry store in the center of Delft. I went with my boyfriends mother as a (late) birthday gift and I thought it would be nice to show you what we did!



The workshop we did was about necklaces. When we arrived everything we would need was laid out on a table in the back, as well as some examples. Materials and tools were provided, so great service. One of the ladies who works at the shop gave the workshop and she started with showing us some examples and explaining the techniques that would be necessary to recreate something similar.

The Workshop spot


After choosing the kind of necklace we wanted to make, we started looking for beads. As you can see in the first picture there is a lot to choose from. All the beads are sorted by material and by color. I went for a golden chain with beads in white, grey and blue tones.

My beads


Next up was organizing the way the beads would be hung on the necklace. There was a special tray for this, which was really useful to keep track of the way I wanted to have the beads. I organized them random, because I did not want a symmetric look.

My beads


After I had planned out the way I wanted the beads to be, I had to insert a small pin into each bead to tie it to the necklace. It was a lot of work with over 20 beads, but totally worth it! I am really pleased with how the necklace came out, and even got some of the beads I used to make matching earrings. Check out the final necklace below:








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