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Luci d’Artista in Salerno

Luci d’Artista in Salerno

A lot of cities have light festivals during the darker months of November and December. However I have never seen one as beautiful as the light festival in Salerno. It is called ‘Luci d’Artista’ and it is displayed every year from November until January. It 

Book Club by Bored to Death Book Club

Book Club by Bored to Death Book Club

As you may have noticed I read a lot of English books and I love discussing the ones I read with people. So a year ago I heard about the Bored to Death book club. They organize book clubs every month in Rotterdam to discuss, 

The world Expo 2015

As you may or may not know, this year is a special year for Milan. They are hosting the World Expo and this is actually one of the reasons why I came to Milan in the spring semester and not in the fall semester. So 

Concert at the Badcuyp

Yesterday I went to a concert in the Badcuyp in Amsterdam to watch my mom perform with a band called the ‘Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra’. They play a combination of African, Latin, American and Caribbean jazz and the orchestra is meant as a learning project, 

Lichtjesavond in Delft

Yesterday I went to the ‘Lichtjesavond’ (Night of Lights) in Delft. It is a yearly recurring event with a market in the streets in the center of Delft and (obviously) with a lot of lights everywhere! This year was a little bit different with a 

Dutch Design Week 2014

This weekend I went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, just in time for a new “Going places“! The Dutch Design Week is a 9-day event in which Design in all its facets is at the centre. Unfortunately we were only there for one