2014 Looking Back

As the end of 2014 comes closer, I wanted to write a post about my year and all the things that I want to remember from this year. So this won’t be an architectural piece, a DIY or even a book review. Scrolling through my agenda I noticed how many fun things I’ve done this past year, and how much I’ve seen. I have written a short summary of my adventures and I hope they inspire you to think back on what you did this year!


So this year I finished my Bachelors degree at the end of January, and I got to start my Masters in Architecture in February. I also applied for an exchange to Milan, which will happen in March 2015! I finished my first project on the Opera in Antwerp, where I also went to see a show with my classmates.

I went on a study trip to Hamburg (see this and this post) and I started building my own website, so that one day this blog will look even better!


The year actually started on a holiday. I was visiting a friend in Switzerland and celebrated New Years there. In the summer I went on a trip with my parents to Lyon, Milan and Venice to see my future faculty in Milan, visit some family and in Venice we went to the Architecture Biennale.


I got the amazing opportunity to work for V8 Architects, helping them to put together a book for a competition. Long days and hard work, but the view was amazing from their office on the top floor of a building next to the Maas (it had a 360 view over the city!).

I also started working at TOPdesk in the summer, first as a ‘Summer Intern’ and starting September, it became my part time job.


2014 was the year me and my rowing crew ‘Ongeremd’ started with something called ’21-diners’. We started our tradition with a song, a foto album and a big gift for the birthday girl/boy. I also had 21-diners of some other friends, which involved a trip to Friesland and one to Deventer.

I wasn’t the only one to have planned to go abroad, in July one of my friends went to Brazil and in August one left for Lapland and another to Barcelona. They will be coming back soon though!

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

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