Favorites: November

Favorites: November

I can not believe it is already November. I am pretty sure everybody is feeling this way, but 2016 went by so fast. Just one more month until it is December. Next week I will be sharing the books I have been reading this month, but until then here are my non-book-favorites for November.


If you see two movies this year, they have to be Hell or High Water (which I praised in a previous post) and Arrival (which I will praise in this post). Arrival is one of the best science-fiction movies I have seen in probably forever. I loved it so much and yet there is so little I can tell you about this movie without spoiling it. I went to see it with Lianne, you can read her post here, and we were both stunned with how amazing this movie was. Arrival is about aliens arriving on earth and the linguistic professor (played by Amy Adams) who is asked to help communicate with them on the American side. I won’t tell more about the plot, but the movie is so beautifully shot. The way the plot slowly unfolds is so genius, you can feel the puzzle pieces slowly falling into place without it being too obvious or over explained. Arrival manages to be a movie with aliens that is not about aliens, instead, it is mainly about communication. I don’t know how better to explain that you have to see this movie except to say that I wanted to see it again when we were halfway through the movie.


The new season/special for Gilmore Girls has arrived to Netflix. I am currently done with season 6, so only the last season left before I can watch it, so when I finally do it will probably be on here. For now, though, I have been watching Brooklyn 99 and I love it. I totally forgot how funny it was until a friend reminded me a little while ago. Now I am binging it while simultaneously doing some boring study related work, perfect match!

On the youtube front, I have to say that my favorite thing was the video in which Casey Neistat (whom I recommended before) announced he was quitting his vlog. I have such respect for him for daring to quit this empire he has managed to build in almost two years. His daily vlogs have gotten him from 500.000 subscribers to 5 million in a little under two years and it probably gave him a great income, but he said it was not challenging him creatively anymore, so he quit. It is probably one of the most inspiring things I have seen someone so influential on social media do in a while and I still recommend watching his vlogs and this one too.


I have really gotten into movie soundtracks this past month. I already enjoyed the soundtrack of The Grand Budapest Hotel (great movie too), but this month I have discovered it’s creator: Alexandre Desplat and especially the soundtrack of The Imitation Game (also a great movie). When I am working I sometimes don’t want to get distracted by songs with words and The Imitation Game soundtrack fits perfectly with my needs for studying. A bit of tension throughout, but not so much that you suddenly get the feeling that the apocalypse has arrived. I also enjoy his soundtrack for The Danish Girl (haven’t seen the movie yet), so if you are looking for some new non-lyrical music to listen to I highly recommend checking out his soundtracks.

What did you love this past month? And what would you recommend? Share it in the comments below!

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