Favorites: October

Favorites: October

Favorites: October

Another month, another favorites. Last month I did a ‘quick’ catch-up of the summer months, so this one has the potential to be a little shorter since it will cover only October. I left books out of this post since I did an overview of what I read in last weeks post.


To start the month of right I went to the PAC festival with Lianne. I did not go to all the movies, but Lianne did a short review of all five movies on her twitter. The movie that I loved most of the day and of this month (and possibly the year) was ‘Hell or High Water’ by David Mackenzie starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster as two brothers robbing banks to prevent the foreclosure of their farm and Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham as the detectives assigned to the case chasing them down. They start the move off on a high adrenaline kick to set the tone, but then they let the tension slide to the background by showing you these two sets of men with each their own brotherly dynamic. Ben Foster plays the seemingly dumb, chaotic older brother with nothing to lose and Chris Pine is his other half as the sensible, smart younger brother who is clearly weighed down with feelings of regret and responsibility towards his ex-wife and his two sons. On the other hand, you get Jeff Bridges as a bitter old man who wished he could die on the job instead of having to retire and going home to no-one, coupled with Gil Birmingham playing a family man up for a promotion who is constantly having to deal with Bridges’ racist jokes. The dialogue and development of both their stories is filled with so much humor and small inside jokes that it really allows you to start to understand their motives and see them as people instead of creating a black/white division between the two couples. Overall great acting, beautiful shots of the scenery and just a must watch of this year.


I am trying to catch up on Gillmore Girls since the 8th season will be premiering late November on Netflix. It is still a great show and I love getting into the show more and more.

On youtube, I watched the one-hour long visual album by Todrick Hall called ‘Straight Outta Oz’. It is a great piece of art, inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. The album is a retelling of the Wizard of Oz from the perspective of a gay, black man trying to make it in Hollywood. It was really good and the music is also fun to listen to. Also it stars some great people like Joseph Gorden Levitt, Amber Riley and Nicole Scherzinger who helped him out on this project and lent their voices and on screen talent.


I have been loving the new Lady Gaga album ‘Joanne’. Great music, love almost every song on it and it really feels like an album I will continue to love throughout the years. Also a tiny shout-out for the new album of OneRepublic. They are a band I keep going back to and their new album has some really great songs on it as well.

What did you love this past month? And what would you recommend? Share it in the comments below!

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