I will be back – soon

I will be back – soon

Long time no see. I haven’t been blogging for a while, because of reasons (which I have never found very valid, but which have gotten in the way regardless) and I have been missing it. I miss writing and I forgot why I started: to challenge myself to at least try.

So this post is here to say: I will be back. I am thankfully still reading (Big Magic is currently being devoured and is highly stimulating to start blogging again). I am also still thinking thoughts about books, so I plan to start writing reviews again. However they might not get posted soon or regularly, because graduating is still a thing that is happening. I know: excuses, excuses. To distract you from the lack of posts and to get you in the spirit of possible upcoming book reviews, here are some pictures of books I own/have borrowed and plan to read:

Bookhaul August
Books from America and Ireland. (There are actually two more books not pictured)
Bookhaul September
Book haul for August and September, standing books were borrowed from a friend

And in case you are not following me on Goodreads to see how I am getting on, here is a picture of my To Be Read shelve:

To be read
To be read shelve, seems to be growing instead of shrinking…


So in conclusion: I am still here and still planning to keep on blogging, so hopefully I will see you again soon!

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