Learning new languages

This semester I will be learning two new languages. First off, I’m learning how to code and therefore I need to learn the ‘language’ of HTML. The other language I will be studying this semester is Italian. Learning a new language is always a challenge, but I am looking forward to studying both!

Learning Italian

As you may know, I will be going to Milan in march 2015. There I will be studying at the faculty of Architecture. Although the courses I will be following are taught in English, I figured it would be useful to learn the lingo anyway. So last Monday I started learning Italian. There are just 4 other people in my class. The teacher is a really nice man who is a teacher at the University of Leiden.
This course we learned how to tell someone our name and ask for theirs. We also learned how to say where we’re from and how to spell in Italian. It was quite a short lesson because most of the lesson consisted of explaining how the course would be given. I am looking forward to the next class, where we’re hopefully able to spend more time on Italian and less on formalities :).


Last week I told you that I am taking a course where we’re making our own portfolio. This week was the first lecture explaining a little bit about how we’re supposed to make that portfolio: writing it in HTML! Thankfully the teachers know most of the students are complete n00bs when it comes to writing code and the lecture was mostly an introduction to HTML. Our home assignment consists of making a page that tells why we want a portfolio and it has to be written in HTML. 

I find it quite hard to think of a reason why I want to make a portfolio. Most students want it to put their work out there so they can either get a job or an internship. However, I feel like I don’t know if I want it to be about getting a job or an internship. I think I want it partly to be about putting myself out there. So I can reach people, partly for jobs I suppose, but mostly so I can get to know new people. 
Anyway, I will keep you guys updated on my progress on the portfolio site. And, once my portfolio site is sort of up and running, I will hopefully continue this blog on that site! 
How about you? What languages have you learned, besides your native language obviously, and what language would you like to learn?

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