Starting again

Starting again

September is the month where everything starts again. The summer holidays are definitely over and the start of the school year is upon us. Starting again will be quite relaxed for me. I am following only a couple of courses at university. This means I will have plenty of time for friends, family, reading and work. I also wanted to use my spare time to start this blog, because in March I will be going to Milan, Italy for 5 months and I think it would be great to blog from there. However, to make sure I know what I’m doing, I wanted to start now. So this blog will hopefully document my year as an Architecture student!

Exciting new courses

First week back meant a lot of introductions, first was an introduction to a subject I, unfortunately, have already tried to pass last semester. Thankfully I won’t have to redo the entire course, but I will continue working on the design I made last semester. Though this time I will pass!
Next up was a course I am very much looking forward to this semester. It’s about building your own portfolio website! I will be learning how to write code and other fancy websitystuff, so I’m really excited about that.
Next up was an introduction for the History thesis I will be writing during the next semester. This is also a course I am looking forward to because I feel like researching is something I would like to do in my future job. So I am seeing this course as an opportunity to see if researching and writing are really my thing.
Lastly will be a course about the history of building materials and the usage of those materials. I chose this course because I think it will be quite useful in Italy, where I want to take a course in restoration and reuse.

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