The schoolyear I hope will be my last

And we’re back:Architecture Faculty

It has been the 1st of September, also known as the first day of the college year in Delft. For me it also meant the first day of my graduation year. I am both extremely excited and slightly scared by the idea that in a year I might be done… 

The past year I have not really studied full time, the first semester I worked half the time and did some fun courses to fill up my time around my one mandatory course. The second semester I went to Milan, where I only did 18 out of 30 credits so I had plenty of spare time too. But this year I have to start studying full time again in what is known as the toughest year of university. 

My graduation project is a studio about modern housing in Amsterdam West, part of the ‘Heritage and Architecture’ track within the master program of Architecture (I know it is a bit complicated). The track uses design, technology and cultural value as its main parts in organizing the project. Besides starting our project and getting tutoring on design and technology this semester we will therefor also be having courses on cultural value. I am most excited about that part because that is what fascinates me most and what I really enjoyed studying in Milan. 

The exact project I don’t know yet, since the idea is that in the first quarter/semester you research the location and building to form your own research question. So more on that later in the year. 

For now I am really excited to start! 

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