Thoughts: All by myself (cue Céline Dion)

Sometimes I want to write about random stuff, not about books or things to do, but just about things I think about. That is why I created the ‘Thoughts’ category, for when I want to ramble about things people might relate to. Or perhaps not, but for the one person who does relate, feel free to comment below!

So this week I wanted to write about going out alone.

Say what now?

I know, I know, it’s a bit strange to go out all by yourself, but hear me out. It all goes back to my first 2016 commandment (post here): “Treat Yo Self”.


Now what does ‘Treat Yo Self’ mean to me? To do what makes me happy. For example, I love going to the movies, to musea or to chill on the couch and watch tv. However I don’t always have friends who can join me. Since I live by myself it isn’t unusual to watch tv by myself. So why is it so weird to go out and go to a movie by myself? Or to a museum? I say: “Treat. Yo. Self.”.

So I just go out alone?

In one word: YES! Trust me, it is scary. I mean, I still don’t do it often because I keep thinking of what other people will think. What if I see someone I know and I have to explain that I am there all by myself? Well, the answer is: “Who cares?”. Because the honest answer would be: “I wanted to see this thing. So I went.” and who can disagree with that?. In the end, whether you are with someone or not, when the lights go out in the cinema you are all by yourself. When you go to a museum, the art is interpreted by everyone differently so even that can be seen asa one person experience.

So it’s all good?

Well, no. The only drawback I have found so far, is that there is no one to tell how much you loved/hated the movie or the art, until you meet a friend who has seen it too. However I feel like that doesn’t weigh up to the fact that you have seen it. Most people don’t do something, just because they find no-one to do it with. I feel like that is a stupid reason. If it is something you can do by yourself, you should. Besides, by doing it alone you won’t just feel good for doing/seeing the thing you wanted, but you also feel empowered that you overcame this invisible hurdle of being scared to do it by yourself. So go! See the movie! Go to the museum! You can do it alone. You might even find someone who is alone there too, and make a new friend!

Would you do something by yourself? Or not? Let me know in the comments below!

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