Thoughts: Recategorizing the blog

You may have noticed that there is something a little bit different in the blog this week. I have decided, after much consideration, to change my categories. I found that my categories were limiting me in the posts I wanted to write. Therefor I have changed my categories into actions: Do, See and Read. The more personal posts where I ramble about random things I find fascinating or that I want to write about will be called ‘Thoughts’. So what do these categories entail and what happened to the old stuff? Read about it here!


In Do most posts of ‘Going places’ are located. This is where I want to write about things you can do, like great food places, coffee places and events.


In See I have put my ‘Venture into Architecture’ and ‘Exhibition Central’. These are posts with a lot of photos and things you should go ‘see’ for yourself. This category gives you a heads-up that there will be a lot of images and not as much text.


I found that ‘The Review’ did not represent the fact that it was just book reviews. So I decided to call it Read, because I think people (including me) should read more and I love to tell people what to read.


Thoughts posts are like this one, mostly text and mostly me telling what I think. Sometimes I just need to write about some of the things I am experiencing (you might have seen it in my post about stress or my post about my exchange). These posts are perhaps mostly for myself, but I need them to process stuff and hopefully some of them help you as well!

So let me know what you think of my new categories and perhaps suggest some things to Do, See or Read in the comments below.

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