There is a new coffee bar in Delft. Actually, there are a lot of new coffee bars in Delft. One of them is called ‘Bar/Baar’ and it very recently opened on the st. Agathaplein in Delft.


The place

The bar itself and all the furnishing inside is made by the owners themselves. There is a nice combination of unfinishedness (like the bare concrete walls) and finesse (in the use of plaster in the right places). The cardboard lampshades are really cool, and I wish I could think of so many different shapes (not really visible in the pictures, but there were many different types of shapes).



The added bonus of Bar/Baar is that it is not just a bar. I like to study in a coffee shop, which is most often the Coffee Company. However it turns out that Bar/Baar also has an upper floor, specially for students and workers to use not just as a study/workspace, but as a meeting place. They are currently talking to many professionals in Delft to use their space as a working place 1/2 days a week to attract students and create an interactive environment between professionals and students. The space for this is unfortunately not completely finished yet, but once it is I think it will be a great place to study on the weekends.

The food/coffee

Bar/Baar menu

The Bar/Baar does not just serve (great) coffee, but also serve lunch and dinner. The menu pictured above is obviously in Dutch, but I am sure they can translate it for you if you are there.

I have not yet had dinner or lunch here, but the food options look great and I think eating here might happen soon.

So if you are ever in the neighborhood of for example the Prinsenhof, Bar/Baar is definitely a great place for a coffee!

More information: website, facebook

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