Castello Sforzesco

This week I am writing about the first museum I have visited in Milan, since I arrived at the start of March. I went to Castello Sforzesco which houses multiple museums, known as the “Sforza Castle Museums”. You buy a ticket at the ticket office which gives you access to all the different museums in the castle. In total there are 14 collections in the castle. I visited the following:

– The Museum of Ancient Art

– The Picture Gallery

– The Egyptian Museum

– The Museum of Prehistory and Proto-history

– The Museum of Decorative Arts

– The Museum of Musical Instruments

– The Furniture Museum

This sounds like a lot of museums, but some of them only consist of one or two rooms filled with artifacts and/or paintings.

It was a really interesting experience visiting the museum, mostly because of the castle it is housed in. Walking from museum to museum was like walking through a maze, you never new where the door or corridor would take you and I’ve walked through some interesting courtyards and climbed a lot of staircases. So even if you are not interested in art or any of the other museums, I would still recommend going for the building itself. There is also a huge park at the back of the castle, which is free to visit.

Castello Sforzesco

This is the front of the castle, with a big fountain. You can enter the courtyard of the castle for free.The entrance to the museum

The entrance of the museums.

Ticket office

The ticket office and also the start of the first museum.

Stained glass

Stained glass from Medieval Milan.

Hall of Interior artifacts

A look into the interiors of churches in Medieval Milan.

One of the corridors insideAnd this is one of the interesting corridors/staircases I walked on to go from one museum to another.


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