Concert at the Badcuyp

Yesterday I went to a concert in the Badcuyp in Amsterdam to watch my mom perform with a band called the ‘Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra’. They play a combination of African, Latin, American and Caribbean jazz and the orchestra is meant as a learning project, offering a stage for music lovers of different levels of music education to come together, have fun and make music.

The venue

De Badcuyp

As I mentioned, the concert was at the ‘Badcuyp’, which is a jazz cafe with an additional concertroom upstairs (above the cafe). I haven’t seen the jazz cafe, but I could hear that they were also playing live jazz there while there was a concert above. However sound proofing worked pretty good I think, because down stairs you couldn’t hear the music from upstairs and the other way around.

The building had an art-deco vibe about it, with some nice details like the lighting in the staircase:



Upstairs there was a bar and opposite the bar there was a small stage. The sound of the performance was good in the audience, but apparently when you were playing you could not really hear the rest.

The bar


The music

I usually listen to a mixture of singer-songwriter/pop/indie music, so jazz is not what I normally listen to. But I really liked the music, it made me dance along and it sounded really good. They mixed instrumental music with some songs with a singer, which made a good variation throughout the performance. (I am not really a music expert so I don’t know what else to tell you :P). You can listen to one of their songs yourself here.

Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra

If you would like to know more about the Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra you can click here for their Facebook page.

To learn more about the Badcuyp you can click here.


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