Maastricht – Walking

Maastricht – Walking

The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived: the final part in my ‘Maastricht’ series! This one is about the wonderful nature walk we did near Maastricht in a town called ‘Schin op Geul’. This wonderful walk actually took place before our day at the Gulpener Brewery and after a night of approximately 2 hours of sleep and some handstands against the city hall of Maastricht at 6 am. Nothing beats a hangover like a (planned) 4 km walk!

The walk

Thanks to some googling we had found a nice walking route which started next to the train station of ‘Schin op Geul’. It was a yellow route and it was supposed to be about 4 km. It was a wonderful day and, apparently, it was also national ‘vlaai’ day. A ‘vlaai’ is a type of pie and it is delicious. So, we set off and quickly stumbled upon a market. It was nice enough, but we quickly moved on.

There we lovely views of cows and such as we walked through the hills.

After we had followed the yellow route for a while, we stumbled upon a castle.

Out of curiosity, we decided to check it out and unbeknownst to us, there was a cute family fair with homemade vlaaien! This seemed like the perfect place for a break and we bought some pie and some drinks. We also got a lovely tour of the mill, before we set off on our journey once more.

Unfortunately, we made a small mistake when continuing our route. Another yellow route also passed this castle and we accidentally took that one, instead of our own. We only figured this out when we checked Google because we felt like we had been walking for over 4 km by now. We had indeed been walking for 6 km and we had another 3 to go to the station.

Even though we took a detour, it was a wonderful walk and I would highly suggest walking in the vicinity of Maastricht. The region of ‘Schin op Geul’ was diverse, with hills, woods, pastures and castles. Have you ever walked near Maastricht? What was your favorite trail? Let me know in the comments below!

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