Maastricht – Bookstores

Maastricht – Bookstores

In continuation of my introductory post about Maastricht (read it here), I wanted to share some bookstores I visited. If there are any bookstores I missed or should visit, either in Maastricht or anywhere else, let me know in the comments below!

Bookshop Dominicanen

This one is probably the most known of the bookstores I visited. It is located in an old Dominican church. I have to be honest though, I did not like it as much as I thought I would. I had expected the books to be more visible, instead the view of the church was filled with banners and a metal structure.

However, the selection of books was excellent and I could not help myself but to leave with 4 books.

I would say it is still worth a visit, because how many times can you visit a bookstore inside a church!

A secondhand bookstore

The second bookstore I visited that day I found by accident. I was looking for ‘De Tribune’, but because I had no idea what I was doing I ended up finding this small secondhand bookstore. I had a little browse, but mostly I sniffed the air. There is nothing like the smell of secondhand books.


De Tribune

A smaller bookstore quite close to the Dominicanen church. This one was my favorite, just shelves and shelves of books reaching to the ceiling. There was also a basement with even more books. Perfection.

You might think: “Suus, didn’t you just buy four books in the other store? Don’t you have enough?”. And you would be right. However, as I mentioned in my post last Wednesday (25 bookish things I learned), I can’t help myself. So I got another two books…

Alright, that’s it for now. Next week you can expect a post on the beer tasting we did at Gulpener!


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