Museo del Novecento

I really like going to musea, especially when I am one of the few people there. There is something about the quietness, the big empty spaces (except for the art and occasional chair/bench) and the vibe of being there to admire stuff. I am not someone who stays very long in a museum, I usually walk through the spaces looking around to see if something interests me and then I either look closer or keep moving.

So recently, when I wanted to just be in a museum, I went to Museo del Novecento. Bonus: entrance is free for people under 25, so I don’t have to feel to bad about only spending maybe half an hour to an hour inside. Another bonus: it has an amazing view of the Duomo and piazza Duomo. The show that was on when I visited was ‘Un Museo Ideale’, the ideal Italian modern art show with a combination of there own collection and additions from other Italian musea.

The Building

I did not really take pictures of the art. However I took a ton of pictures of the building, because it has a lot of small hallways and tunnels to go to other parts of the museum. So keep scrolling for some pictures.

Entrance Museo del NovecentoWhen you have gotten your ticket, you have to walk up a circular slope (reminiscent of the Guggenheim in New York) to the second floor to enter the exhibition.

First hall Museo del Novecento

Going through the first hall you continue your journey by using escalators to go up per floor. At the topmost floor there is a special room where you can see the piazza Duomo.

Walkway in Museo del Novecento

Walking towards it…Room with a view Museo del NovecentoThis is the space (loving the emptiness)
Piazza Duomo viewCheck out that view! I will miss this for sure when I get back to the Netherlands. No matter how many times I have seen the Duomo by now, it still amazes me.

There is also a part of the museum in another building. So you have to cross with this funky aerial bridge to arrive where they show the really weird modern art and some of the new arrivals.

Hallway museo del Novecento

Museo del Novecento


On your left some seriously weird modern art and on the right is the passage to the new arrivals.

New additions Museo del Novecento

I hope you enjoyed this little picture show of the Museo del Novecento. It is definitely worth a visit when you are in Milan, even if it is just for the view of piazza Duomo!




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